Rzeczy kobiece. Mini-słownik sztuki wrocławskiej widzianej poprzez przedmioty

  • Anna Markowska (Author)
  • Zofia Reznik (Author)
  • Karolina Tomczak (Author)
  • Joanna Wątroba (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


Female things. A mini-dictionary of art in Wrocław seen through objects

Since the material turn, objects have become a very prolific area of study within the humanities. This text is a study of various objects used by female artists from Wroclaw, aimed at telling the history of local art from a different perspective, with an emphasis on the things that were inspiring, useful and symbolic for the artists chosen. A research group initiated during Prof. Anna Markowska’s Ph.D. seminar has recognised a variety of objects used: alcohol, “American dress”, balloon, intercom, newspaper, money (both notes and coins), globe, rock, whip, ring, stockings, handrail, plastic bag, military shirt, adapter and exotic calabash. Objects were very important in cultural and artistic life in Wrocław since the war. On the one hand, they were exhibited – not as the objects of desire, but as products! – during the propaganda event of the Regained Lands Exhibition in 1948, and on the other they were also the remains of a pre-war era, excavated from the ruins as treasures or archaeological findings. In this text, we want to make a collective lexicon of those items, that were interesting and meaningful for female artists and therefore try to answer the question regarding their specificity in the universe of things.