Interpretacje kobiecości w twórczości trzech artystek wrocławskich

  • Joanna Wątroba (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


Interpretations of femininity in the works of the three women artists from Wrocław

The artwork of Wanda Gołkowska, Natalia LL and Anna Kutera are courageous artistic declarations about femininity in the 1970’s. Natalia LL reveals erotism as a joy and realisation of desire. Wanda Gołkowska ridicules the institutions of art and demands artistic openness. She breaks patterns such as the easy oppositions of tradition and artistic innovation or masculinity and femininity. Anna Kutera — one may say — just does what she wants. She wears man clothes, experiments with her hairstyle and her smile is sometimes beguiling. She laughs off fashion reviews. Polish artists are self-confident. They are sure of their right to their own artistic concepts. They were the great individuals of art in the 1970’s. They are precursors of many subjects in feminist contribution to culture which should be taken into account when we talk about modern art. Their artwork included powerful concepts of femininity.