Estetyka dekoracji synagogalnych Pereca Willenberga

  • Małgorzata Reinhard-Chlanda (Author)

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The aesthetics of Perec Willenberg’s synagogal decorations

An interesting programme of the Jewish revival of applied arts in the field of synagogue interior design in the interwar period, was revealed by Perec Willenberg, a painter from Częstochowa. He made rich, ornamental decoration, including stained glass windows in the old synagogues in Częstochowa, Piotrków Trybunalski and Opatów. War damage prevented the art from being fully preserved, but traces of the project and photographic documentation remain. Willenberg developed the concept, in the style of a national Jewish art, under the influence of Zionism, promoting Jewish national separation, by referring to indigenous cultural values. The spiritual and artistic sign of revival was to be found, above all, for Willenberg through calligraphy, supersaturated deep symbolism, the mystery of the Kabbalah and reference to the history of the Jewish people. Supported by the finely stylised Hebrew alphabet and Jewish traditional art motifs, the artist created intricate, meaningful and abstract compositions.