Przestrzeń pamięci – pamięć przestrzeni. Refleksja nad przestrzeniami symbolicznymi Szczecina w świetle postmodernistycznej transformacji sztuki i architektury

  • Agnieszka Rek-Lipczyńska (Author)
  • Izabela Kozłowska (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


Space of memory – memory of space. Reflection on symbolic spaces of the city of Szczecin in the context of the postmodern transformation of art and architecture

The authors’ intention was to make an in-depth analysis of Szczecin’s city space, with particular emphasis on places created as symbolic spaces of memory, in order to reveal the processes that these areas have been subject to during the last decades. An analysis of the postmodern urban transformation of Szczecin covers objects (monuments, architecture objects, urban systems) which were the heritage of the Polish People’s Republic as well as contemporary, unrealized and realized architectural and artistic projects. The research area also includes artistic events initiated in the city space.