Cytat z modernizmu

Andrzej Frydecki i jego niezrealizowany projekt Urzędów Niezespolonych w Katowicach

  • Barbara Szczepańska (Autor/in)


BARBARA SZCZEPANSKA (University of Wroclaw) / A quotation from modernism: Andrzej Frydecki and his unrealised project of the Non-Consolidated Offices in Katowice
The article presents the project of the Non-Consolidated Offices in Katowice, made by Andrzej Frydecki in 1947, which is a widely unknown concept and absent from research on post-war architecture in Poland and Upper Silesia. The proposed interpretation of this project takes into account the local historical and urban context as well as earlier and later works of Frydecki himself. The project discussed in this article is the architect’s conscious reference to the history of a specific place – the pre-war administrative and representative district of Katowice – and an attempt to visually restore a lost symbol of the city: the Silesian Museum. At the same time, this unrealized concept allows us to see other examples of the architect’s design activity in a new light, and raises questions about the ideas and principles that guided the architect’s creative process: attention to the historical and urban context, the use of a repertoire of proven motifs or treatments, and the return to pre-war aesthetics after World War II.