Z piedestału na ścianę

Wrocławskie murale upamiętniające jako nowe pomniki w przestrzeni miejskiej

  • Barbara Salij-Hofman (Autor/in)


BARBARA SALIJ-HOFMAN (University of Wroclaw) / From pedestal to wall. Commemorative murals in Wroclaw as new monuments in urban space
Monuments are a signum temporis, which is probably why their traditional forms cause so many disputes and controversies today. The answer to the dogmatism and hieratic nature of pedestal monuments were to be bench monuments, inviting the viewer to interact, but carrying the risk of infantilising the figure depicted. Commemorative murals are another form of honouring distinguished persons and great events. Large-format murals are universally appreciated – even though they have been functioning in urban space for years, they are still enthusiastically received. In Wroclaw, there are several murals commemorating personalities – such as Marek Krajewski, Sylwester Checinski, Wanda Rutkiewicz, Krzysztof Komeda and others – as well as patriotic murals or a painting expressing support for the Belarusian opposition. Unlike traditional monuments, murals do not intimidate the viewer, allowing outstanding figures and events to be commemorated without pathos or exaltation.