Co wynika z ustawienia?

  • Patrycja Cembrzyńska (Autor/in)


PATRYCJA CEMBRZYNSKA (independent researcher) / What does the setting imply?
The text is a review of the three-volume publication Zmiana ustawienia. Polska scenografia teatralna i społeczna XX i XXI wieku (Change the Setting. Polish Theatrical and Social Set Design of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Warsaw 2020). It emphasises a comprehensive and transdisciplinary approach to the issue of scenographic praxis that goes beyond the aesthetic view of the stage space. The authors of the study sum up the existing knowledge on scenography and at the same time thoroughly explore the subject from a theoretical point of view. Set in the perspective of the performative turn, the dissertations are characterised by a wide range of problems: the question of scenography is connected to the history of theatre architecture, to aspects of visual and auditory perception, to the analysis of forms of theatre’s intervention in public space, to the theme of arenas and marches of demagogy and control of human performativity with the use of scenography, and finally – to their dismantling with the use of theatre practices and theories of theatre studies. The review emphasises that this publication is important for understanding changes in Polish theatre, as well as containing important statements on the place of theatre in social life, giving the reader an insight into the theatricality of our everyday activities.