Sztuka i religia średniowiecza i doby nowożytnej na Przedgórzu Sudeckim

XVIII Polsko-Niemieckie Seminarium Wrocław–Halle–Siegen, Morawa 2022

  • Roksana Maria Łajkosz (Autor/in)


ROKSANA MARIA LAJKOSZ (University of Wroclaw) / Art and religion of the Middle Ages and modern times in the Sudeten Foreland. 18th German-Polish Seminar Wrocław–Halle–Siegen, Morawa 2022

The XVIII Polish-German seminar Wroclaw–Halle–Siegen was devoted to issues of art and religion of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period in the Sudeten Foreland. Its aim was to present the region from the perspective of its diverse cultural and religious heritage. This included Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Orthodox heritage. Numerous study trips and in situ visits to the sites enabled project participants to learn about them. In addition, these insights were further developed in the conference sessions during lectures given by students and invited guests. The seminar participants had the opportunity to work in three interdisciplinary groups, and the topics that each team tackled concerned given aspects of St. George’s Church in Dzierzoniow, i.e. its space in symbolic terms and the elements of the church furnishings – its pulpit and altar. The groups were led by Prof. Dr. Veronika Albrecht-Birkner and Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffmann from the University of Siegen and Dr. Marcin Wislocki from the University of Wroclaw.