Ein Museum transformieren

Das Frankfurter Weltkulturen Museum als Ort künstlerischer Produktion

  • Stefanie Heraeus (Autor/in)

Identifier (Artikel)


What practices, perspectives, questions and approaches can artists invoke at a museum that are significantly different from curatorial formulations? Under the direction of Clémentine Deliss, the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt has declared that its collaboration with artists is the basis for all of the museum’s work. The ethnological collection was given the status of a historical artefact. On site, in the museum, new artistic productions were created to engage with the objects in the collection. In a process of changing media, remediation, both the type of museum and the medium museum with its exhibitions were modified. Transcending discipline-specific expertise and the categories inherent in cultural studies, new paths were explored in the postcolonial treatment of ethnological collections.


Museum, Museologie, Remediation, Postkoloniales Kuratieren