Moralische oder ethische Wende des gegenwärtigen Kunstdiskurses?

Bemerkungen zur Geschichte und Gegenwart moralischen Urteilens über zeitgenössische Kunst

  • Magdalena Nieslony (Autor/in)

Identifier (Artikel)


This article sketches the outline of an ethical or moral turn within contemporary art and art criticism that has been emerging since the 1990s and was diagnosed in the early 2000s by theorists such as Jacques Rancière and Claire Bishop. In doing so, it argues for a different, broader understanding of the ethical turn while discussing the argumentative problems that are currently emerging within it. Finally, by distinguishing between moral and ethical modes of judgment, it argues for a differentiated practice of ethical judgment in the field of art production and reception.


Kunst und Ethik, Kunst und Moral, Richard Serra, Thomas Hirschhorn, Ethical Turn