Inhalt zweierley predig (1529)

Wider die Deutung als ‚protestantische Propaganda‘ und für eine audiovisuelle Wahrnehmung illustrierter Flugblätter

  • Joanna Olchawa (Autor/in)

Identifier (Artikel)


The famous broadsheet Inhalt zweierley predig (1529) is considered as one of the prime examples of ‘protestant propaganda’. Unfortunately, this interpretation of the woodcut with two preaching scenes and the text written by Hans Sachs fails to recognize the complexity of the print. On the basis of a thorough analysis of the manipulative pictorial elements, its proximity to depictions of disputatio scenes and its use with hearing the texts being read aloud and looking at the image publicly, the broadsheet is presented here as a didactic tool, intentionally comparable to the audio-visual perception also addressed in preaching, the topic of the woodcut. This contribution intends to emphasize the intermedial and intersensory instruments in the social history of ideas.


Reformation, Flugblatt, Georg Pencz, Hans Sachs, Nürnberg, 1529, Martin Luther, Audiovisualität, Rezeption, Kanzel, Predigt