A Meta-Reanalysis of Dream-ESP Studies: Comment on Storm et al. (2017)

  • Matthew C. Howard (Author)
    University of South Alabama

    Assistant Professor

    Marketing and Quantitative Methods

    The University of South Alabama

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Storm, Sherwood, Roe, Tressoldi, Rock and Risio (2017) performed a meta-analysis of laboratory studies of ESP in dreams, finding a moderate overall effect (r = .20).  Certain statistical decisions, such as primarily reporting unweighted effects, may have inflated these observations.  In the current article, I perform an inverse-variance weighted meta-analysis using the database provided by Storm et al., finding a much smaller overall effect (r = .07).  I also find evidence that a significant relationship exists between effect size and sample size, suggesting that the prior results may have been primarily driven by large effects found in small-n studies.  I suggest that future researchers of ESP in dreams should produce more large-n studies, which could alleviate many notable criticisms of the current psi literature.



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ESP, Psi, Dreams, Dreaming, Meta-Analysis
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Howard, M. C. (2018). A Meta-Reanalysis of Dream-ESP Studies: Comment on Storm et al. (2017). International Journal of Dream Research, 11(2), 224–229. https://doi.org/10.11588/ijodr.2018.2.52040