Image Spam Errors in the Age of Hyperconnection

  • Geraldiny Guerrero Muñoz (Author)

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This essay examines the relevance of the connected digital image to some of our everyday life environments in a hyperconnected society. Image spam conveys an atmosphere of information overload and leaked images traveling at accelerated velocities to be copied, edited, and relinked in digital environments. Internet connectivity is the feature of media culture that enables the coexistence of image spam. This essay offers an account of the infrastructure of connectivity as the physical basis for information technologies in order to situate the pathways, the context, the way of being, and the errors of image spam.


image spam, hyperconnection.
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Guerrero Muñoz, Geraldiny. 2021. “Image Spam Errors in the Age of Hyperconnection”. International Journal for Digital Art History, no. 7 (December):3.02-3.13.