Entendez mon cri. Dimension universelle de l’immolation

  • Jędrzej Pawlicki (Autor/in)
    Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Universität Heidelberg


One of the most common images of the Tunisian revolution is the photograph of President Ben Ali in the hospital next to Mohamed Bouazizi’s bed on 28th December 2010. It evokes the strength of a man about to die whose death will upset the country. The dramatic gesture of Mohamed Bouazizi helped the Tunisian society to regain public space. Reclaiming the voice is crucial for the Tunisian revolutionary dynamic. The cry of Bouazizi seems to be heard. That is why we can put into perspective the death of Mohamed Bouazizi with the immolation of Ryszard Siwiec in 1968 who had protested against the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia. Hear my cry is the title of the documentary that chronicles the last days of Ryszard Siwiec. The comparative study devoted to these heroes allows us to see the importance of the body and of her sacrifice in resistance to authoritarian systems.


Mohamed Bouazizi, Ryszard Siwiec, Tunesien, Revolution