Ein Serienkiller in der Provinz. Der Werwolf-Mythos zwischen Regionalität und Globalität in der spanischen TV-Serie Luna, el misterio de Calenda

  • Anna Isabell Wörsdörfer (Autor/in)
    Universität Münster


The article examines the Spanish TV series Luna, el misterio de Calenda (Antena 3, 2012/13) with regard to its serial reception of myths and its regional specificity. The analysis pursues the central question of how the werewolf as a globally known motif is functionalised within the provincial setting in order to narrate glocal transformations in a serial way. First, the focus is on the genuinely serial nature of the werewolf myth, its macro- and microstructural patterns of repetition. Then, the investigation is devoted to the specific presentation in the TV series, which productively mixes (international) mass art and (Spanish as well as regional) folk art aspects. Finally, the negotiation of individual and collective identities within the plot is used to explore the potential creation of meaning for various target groups beyond the diegesis.


Werwolf, serielles Erzählen, TV-Serie, Mythen-Rezeption, erfundene Traditionen, Popularkultur, Populärkultur, Glokalisierung, kollektive Identitäten, Adoleszenz