Editorial Team

Pylon focuses on Egypt of the Ptolemaic, Roman, Late Antique and early Islamic periods in all its cultural, political, social and religious diversity. Its editorial board includes specialists of Arabic, Coptic, Demotic, Greek and Latin papyri and inscriptions from any of these periods.

The journal combines editorial and peer review. All articles are edited by at least two subject specialists from the editorial board and/or community of peers. Peer review is conducted anonymously.

Editorial Board

Rodney Ast, editor-in-chief (University of Heidelberg)
James Cowey, managing editor (University Heidelberg)
Lajos Berkes  (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Holger Essler (University of Würzburg / University of Venice)
Esther Garel (University of Strasburg)
Nick Gonis (University College London)
Demokritos Kaltsas (University of Cyprus, Nicosia)
Sandra Lippert (CNRS, Paris)
Julia Lougovaya (University of Heidelberg)
Mike Sampson (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg)
Naïm Vanthieghem (CNRS, Paris)