Editorial Team

Pylon focuses on Egypt of the Ptolemaic, Roman, Late Antique and early Islamic periods in all its cultural, political, social and religious diversity. Its editorial board includes specialists of Greek, Latin and Coptic documentary, literary and subliterary papyri from all these periods.

Rodney Ast, founding editor (Heidelberg)
James Cowey, managing editor (Heidelberg)
Lajos Berkes  (Berlin)
Holger Essler (Würzburg/Venice)
Esther Garel (Strasbourg)
Nick Gonis (London)
Demokritos Kaltsas (Nicosia)
Sandra Lippert (CNRS, Paris)
Julia Lougovaya (Heidelberg)
Mike Sampson (Winnipeg)
Naïm Vanthieghem (CNRS, Paris)