Pomiędzy interesem publicznym a koncepcją skończonego utworu urbanistycznego

Miejskie rezerwaty zabytkowe w Czechosłowacji

  • Elżbieta Kocowska-Siekierka (Autor/in)


ELZBIETA KOCOWSKA-SIEKIERKA (University of Wroclaw) / Between public interest and the concept of a finite urban creation. Urban monument reservations in Czechoslovakia
The article discusses the genesis of urban monument reservations – an original territorial form of monument protection which appeared in the Czechoslovak legal system in the 1950s, but whose theoretical assumptions go back to the 1870s. The introduction of this original form of monument protection made a significant contribution to the protection and urban planning of towns and cities after World War II, but its principles were treated instrumentally, justifying the theoretical foundations with political rhetoric and diminishing the role of the long tradition of the Czech school of monument protection.