Tytuł jako farmakon

Dzieje tytułów obrazu Jacka Malczewskiego znanego pod nazwą Melancholia

  • Paulina Łuczak (Autor/in)


PAULINA LUCZAK (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan) / Title as pharmakon. The story of the titles of Jacek Malczewski’s painting known as Melancholia
The article is based on an analysis of critical and academic texts from the field of art history concerning the painting completed in 1894 by Jacek Malczewski and known as Melancholy. It presents the story of the name under which the work currently functions and of the multi-part authorial title inscribed on the back of the canvas. Through this analysis, she brings out the pharmaconic relationship between the knowledge of the interpreter (critic or art historian) of the title and the reception of the work, which implies, among other things, the influence of the form and meaning of the title on the construction of the description and on the interpretation.