The centennial of the “Zenit” review (1921–1926–2021)

Examples of the avant-garde networking

  • Irina Subotić (Autor/in)


IRINA SUBOTIC (University of Novi Sad) / The centennial of the “Zenit” review (1921–1926–2021). Examples of the avant-garde networking

“Zenit. International Magazine for New Art” (Zagreb–Belgrade 1921–1926), founded by philosopher, writer, poet and critic Ljubomir Micić (1895–1971), was the prominent avant-garde review with particular and attractive but often confusing ideas about the Balkanisation of Europe or Barbarogenius. The paper summarises the review’s positions and zenitist ideology, Micić’s activities established during the six years of its existence, as well as his international connections. “Zenit” was also considered to be an important magazine on the world avant-garde scene in the 1920s because of its wide spread collaboration and its particular, innovative and attractive typography and layout. The paper also presents the decentralised 2021 celebration of the centennial of the review’s first issue, with some important scientific publications, exhibitions and conferences held in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The utopian construction Zeniteum, where arts and sciences meet, served as the basis for the solemn spectacle entitled Zeniteum: 2022, organised on the occasion of the proclamation of Novi Sad as the European Capital of Culture, in January 2022. Written and directed by Dragan Živadinov, this spectacle combined multiple experiences realised by various historical avant-garde movements in the world, including zenitism.