0050 Polish students at the Académie Julian until 1919

  • Marek Zgórniak (Author)
    Institute of the History of Art, Jagiellonian University, Krakow

    Art historian, his main areas of study are 19th-century architecture, French art and Polish-French artistic connections. His books include Wokół neorenesansu w architekturze XIX wieku (On the Renaissance Revival in 19th-c. Architecture – Autour de la néo-Renaissance dans l'architecture du XIXe siècle, Krakow 1987), Pędzel Tycjana. Francuscy malarze i krytycy XIX wieku wobec weneckiego Cinquecenta ("Le pinceau du Titien". Peintres et critiques français du XIXe siècle face au Cinquecento vénitien, Krakow 1995) and Matejko w Paryżu. Opinie krytyków francuskich z lat 1865-1870 (Jan Matejko à Paris. Opinions de critiques français 1865-1870, Krakow 1998).

  • Tomasz Bieroń (Translator)

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The subject of the article is the presence of Polish students in the most important private artistic school in Paris in the second half of the 19th century. The extant records regarding the atelier for male students made it possible to compile a list of about 165 Polish painters and sculptors studying there in the period from 1880 to 1919. The text presents the criteria used when preparing the list and the diagrams show the fluctuations in registration and the number of Polish artists in particular ateliers in successive years. The observations contained in the article have a summary nature and are illustrated only with selected examples.


Académie Julian, Polish artists in Paris