0062 Doing Language: Narratives from an Activists' World in the Austrian Art World of the 1990s

  • Eva Fotiadi (Author)
    University of Amsterdam

    Eva Fotiadi (GR/NL) is Lecturer in Contemporary Art and Theory at the University of Amsterdam and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts. She has also taught at Utrecht University and the New York University summer program in Athens (Greece). Her interests include ephemeral and participatory art, art in the public domain, interdisciplinary practices, performance, theories of play and games, as well as histories of exhibitions and curating. In 2011 her book The Game of Participation in Art and the Public Sphere appeared by Shaker Publishing in Maastricht.

Identifiers (Article)


The article refers to the political art scene in Austria during the 1990s and early 2000s. Participatory art-activism projects by the group WochenKlausur and by Martin Krenn and Oliver Ressler are juxtaposed to artistic work used for political activism by the women migrants' organization maiz. All case-studies engage with issues of immigration in Austria, touching also upon official immigration policies and practices in the European Union after 1989. In the case studies the artists transfer political activism practices (giving people a voice) to art practices by means of participatory, public art projects, where, for instance, migrants are interviewed. In reverse, the activists transfer artistic practices (e.g., performance) to their political activism practices.


art activism, participatory art, Wochenklausur, Martin Krenn & Oliver Ressler, maiz, post-1989 EU migration policies, Gayatri Spivak, Judith Butler