0077 Handwerklicher Hintergrund und Perspektiven akademischer Studien

Zum Frühwerk Joseph Führichs in Böhmen

  • Pavla Machalikova (Author)
    Ustav dejin umeni, Akademie ved Ceské Rebubliky (Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), Prague, Czech Republic

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The study of the early works by Joseph Führich helps to elucidate his role in the formation of the national schools of painting as understood by the early 19th century. It also reveals the links between the academic schooling and paintings of the artist (regarded as one of the leading representatives of Romanticism in the early 1820s in Prague) and his commissioned works of the period intended for more traditional clients and public – altar paintings for Northern Bohemian churches. An analysis of his most important paintings from around the mid-1820s indicates, that he managed to integrate various elements into highly specific personal style: craftsmanship acquired in his father's workshop, elements inspired by old art, academic schooling, and inspiration provided by contemporary Romantic art and iconography.


painting, 19th century, art around 1800, Northern Bohemia, Central Europe, religious painting, romanticism