0178 "Tanto che basti": La 'notomia' nelle arti figurative di età barocca e nel pensiero di Carlo Cesi e Carlo Maratti

  • Stefano Pierguidi (Author)
    Associate Professor, Sapienza University, Rome

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The article analyzes the loss of interest in the study of human anatomy through dissection of cadavers that characterizes the Baroque period, and that distinguishes the Baroque from the Renaissance and from Neoclassicism. It is a change that can be a key to understanding the aesthetics of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, when the almost obsessive study of the draperies replaced that of the anatomy. The contest between Carlo Maratti and Carlo Cesi within the Academy of St. Luke was an important turning point in this process.


Carlo Maratti, Carlo Cesi, Giovan Pietro Bellori, Studi di anatomia, Cigoli