0274 The Man of Sorrows by Hans von Aachen in Břevnov Monastery in Prague

  • Štěpán Vácha (Author)

    PhDr. Štěpán Vácha, Ph.D., is a research scholar at the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences and editor-in-chief of the journal Studia Rudolphina. His primary research interest concerns Baroque painting in Bohemia and the art at the court of Rudolf II, also visual representation of the Habsburg dynasty and art of religious orders. Currently, he is head of the research project "Art for Display. The Painting Collection of Emperor Rudolf II within the Context of Collecting Practices circa 1600" (www.inventariarudolphina.com). He also teaches art history at the Academy of Fine Arts and at Charles University in Prague.

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This study presents a hitherto unpublished painting of The Man of Sorrows, located in Břevnov monastery in Prague, by the Rudolfine court painter Hans von Aachen. The aim is to investigate not only the provenance of the work and the presumable commissioner, Abbot Wolfgang Selender of Prošovice, but also the painting’s place in Von Aachen’s œuvre, possible sources of inspiration for its iconography as well as formal design in Italy and Prague. Among other findings, a technological survey conducted during its restoration revealed a man’s face in the lower layers of paint, possibly a portrayal of the Emperor Rudolf II.


Hans von Aachen, The Man of Sorrows, devotional image, Rudolfine painting, Abbot Wolfgang Selender of Prošovice, Emperor Rudolf II