The search for collaborative partners to document and promote German-Cameroon heritage by the “German Monuments and African Cultures Association” (GEMAC Ass.)

Christopher N. Galega


The “German Monument and African Cultures Association” (GEMAC Ass.) was founded on 4 April 2007 and has its headquarters in Douala, a port and Cameroon’s largest city.* It has 15 members. Its objective is to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of Germans and Germany from the colonial era in Cameroon (1868/84-1919): to collect archive material such as historical photos, for example, to make buildings habitable again, to restore and preserve gravestones and grave monuments. Many sites of German-Cameroon heritage are located in parts of Cameroon where there is a lot of mineral mining and forestry activity. The GEMAC Ass. wants to recover these sites, compile reports and raise awareness about their protection.


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