0143 The Church of Surb Prkich in Ani (1035)

Part 1: History and Historiography – Architectural Plan – Excavations of 2012 and Starting of Conservation

  • Armen Kazaryan (Author)
    State Institute of Art Studies Moscow
  • İsmail Yavuz Özkaya (Author)
  • Alin Pontioglu (Author)

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This is the first article of a projected series of reports concerning the architecture and conservation of the Church of the Redeemer (Surb Prkich) in the medieval Armenian capital of Ani in the present-day Turkish province of Kars. Dated to 1035, this polyconch church stands as a beautiful example of the metropolitan school, which was especially dedicated to interpreting the architectural forms and principles of Classical antiquity. The church has survived both medieval reconstructions and a subsequent restoration in 1912, as well as remained extant within the ruins of Ani despite its western half preserved in poor condition. The authors, two Turkish architects and a Russian architectural historian have analyzed the historical data, historiography and architectural plan of Surb Prkich and present here the results of cleaning and archeological excavations at the site, as well as of the initiation of the monument’s stabilization and conservation program, begun in 2012.



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Armenian architecture, Ani, polyconch church, preservation of monuments