0168 Eine aus der Resistenza geborene Republik? Die Kultur des Gedenkens an den italienischen Widerstand am Beispiel der Provinz Ancona

Vorüberlegungen zu einem Forschungsprojekt

  • Flavio Venturelli (Author)

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In Italy, the commemorative culture regarding World War II has a rather multi-faceted appearance. This seems to be the consequence of the variety of military and civil groups involved in the Italian front as well as in the political post-war scene. The case of the fallen combatants (partigiani) who belonged to the Resistance is emblematic. Despite any historical truth, their commemoration has been considered as a left-wing issue. Following the dynamics of the political debate, fallen partisans were remembered in a strongly familiar dimension (1950s), as heroic rebels (1960s-1980s) or as epic founders of the Italian Republic (partially up the 1990s). This case study of the central Italian province of Ancona shows how both the sepulchral and the commemorative culture of the members of the Resistenza is closely linked to this general development.


Italien, 20. Jahrhundert, Provinz Ancona, Erinnerungskultur