0270 Tras las huellas del maestro. Zacharie Astruc: admirador y coleccionista de Francisco de Goya

  • Guillermo Juberías Gracia (Author)

    Guillermo Juberías Gracia graduated with Honours from the University of Zaragoza with an MA in Advanced Studies in Art History. He is currently working as a research fellow at the Department of Art History of the same university, preparing a doctoral thesis on Spanish genre painting in the late 19th century, under the supervision of Dr. Jesús Pedro Lorente. He has carried out research stays at centres such as the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid (2019), HiCSA at the Université de Paris I (2019), Université de Bordeaux–Montaigne (2020), and Université de Toulouse–Jean Jaurès (2021). He teaches in the History of Art programme at the University of Zaragoza and has participated in numerous national and international conferences. He is the author of various research articles as well as the book Entre la bohemia y el salón: París y la pintura de género aragonesa (1870–1914), published in 2020.

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In the Footsteps of the Master. Zacharie Astruc: Admirer and Collector of Francisco de Goya

Zacharie Astruc (1833–1907) was an important artist and art critic of the second half of the 19th century. This article presents new data on a facet that has not been widely known until now: the one related to his early appreciation of the value of Francisco de Goya's work, especially after the trip he made to Spain in 1864. Thanks to the study of his notebooks and drawings as well as various manuscripts preserved in the Archive du Musée d'Orsay (Paris), it has been possible to find out what works of Goya he contemplated in Spain and what his perception of them was. In his sketches he came to set two scenes in the Quinta del Sordo before the Black paintings were transferred onto canvas. Finally, thanks to the consultation of an auction catalogue of his collection, the article presents unpublished data on the role of Zacharie Astruc as a collector of Goya's works.


Zacharie Astruc, Francisco de Goya, Spain, Real Academia de San Fernando, Quinta del Sordo, Spanish painting, Édouard Manet