0176 Der Umgang mit Opfern der Wehrmachtjustiz auf Soldatenfriedhöfen und Kriegsgräberstätten 1939-2015

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  • Marco Dräger (Author)

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This article discusses the ways in which society has dealt with and deals with the graves of soldiers who were sentenced to death by military jurisdiction during the Nazi regime. It pleads for a more in depth consideration of this group of victims, and suggests appropriate possibilities for remembrance. After a survey of the interment regulations of the Third Reich and the relocation of such graves in the 1950s and 1960s, two examples are given which try to make these victims visible in Germany's commemorative culture. Finally, the potential of war cemeteries for remembering and historical learning is analyzed as well as the benefits that may derive from the inclusion of these victims of military jurisdiction into contemporary commemorative culture.


Zweiter Weltkrieg, Wehrmacht, Militärjustiz, Erinnerungskultur, Friedhof Hamburg-Ohlsdorf, Fössefeld-Friedhof Hannover, Kriegsgräberfürsorge