The Digital Hill Project Sources on the Revolt of Samos

  • Marcel Mernitz (Autor/in)
    Universität Leipzig

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This article covers the work done for the Digital Hill project of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at Leipzig University. After a short introduction about the book on which the project is based and the arrangement of the chosen chapter in this book the goals of the project are presented, which are the creation of EpiDoc TEI compatible XML files for the sources, the production of treebank annotations and text alignments and the provision of the results on a web page. The paragraphs concerning treebank annotations and text alignments present working with the interfaces of Arethusa and Alpheios in the Perseids platform. Users can interact with the web page. For that reason jQuery scripts have been written, whose functionality is explained in the visualization paragraph. Some issues on the creation of the EpiDoc files are presented there as well as the applied solutions.




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