Space Turns to Time and Vice Versa

Agostino Di Scipio’s Untitled 2005 (Ecosystemic Sound Installation in a Small Reverberant Space)

  • Renaud Meric (Autor/in)


In 2005, at the DAAD Galerie in Berlin, Agostino Di Scipio composed an ecosystemic work: Ohne Titel, Ökosystemische Klanginstallation in einem kleinen halligen Raum (Untitled 2005, Ecosystemic Sound Installation in a Small Reverberant Space). This particular work leads the listener to wonder what sound is. In this installation, like in all the Agostino Di Scipio’s ecosystemic works, the difference between space and time is weak. By exploring the dynamical aspect of sound, the composer and the listener have to link again these two worlds together which were separated by the philosophy an by the arts. By analysing this work, we try to find this dynamical combination.