Aesthetics of Agostino Di Scipio’s Ecosystems

  • Makis Solomos (Autor/in)


This paper proposes a deleuzian-guattarian reading of Agostino Di Scipio’s aesthetics, putting into parallel lines some characteristics of his music with ideas from Deleuze’s and Guattari’s Thousand plateaus. It starts with the granular paradigm and its peculiar use from Di Scipio, and it compares it to the deleuzian-guattarian concept of “molecular becoming”. Then, starting this time from a deleuzian-guattarian concept, the concept of becoming, it develops the idea of emergence, one of Di Scipio’s major ideas. Finally, it shows that Di Scipio’s critic of sound can be compared with the concept of deterritorialisation, which is one of Thousand plateaus’ most important concepts.