Inaudible Matters

Electrical Walks Paris (Christina Kubisch), performances and lectures at the Gaîté Lyrique Paris

  • Marie Lechner (Autor/in)
  • Anne Zeitz (Autor/in)


Inaudible Matters, a project including Electrical Walks Paris by Christina Kubisch as well as a programme of lectures and performances, took place at the Gaîté Lyrique Paris from 12 September to 12 December 2019. Inaudible Matters was realized in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Paris and the exhibition Sound Unheard and organized by Marie Lechner and Anne Zeitz. The project questioned the inaudible as “matter” in both senses of the term: first, as “physical substance” related to materiality, and second as that which is signifying and significant. The lectures and performances were streamed by p-node.