Architektur als Skulptur, Bild und Raum

Zum Ausstellungskonzept der Berlinischen Galerie

  • Thomas Köhler (Autor/in)


As an art museum, the Berlin Gallery aims to realise architectural projects and exhibits that lie somewhere between the fields of visual arts and architecture. A contemporary architectural position suited to its locality should characterize the museum, while the role of the museum itself and the medium of exhibition should be questioned. Its projects don’t have to be confined to the museum’s conventional exhibition space. Some structures near the museum built for the international architectural fair in 1987 (Internationale Bauausstellung, IBA) have been readily declared part of and annexed to the museum’s area of activity. Providing information about architecture in its surroundings has become a substantial part of the museum’s work, much like external projects that it commissions, which can be of permanent or temporary nature.