Arno Rink: Lot und seine Töchter, Lot und seine Tochter und Lot’s Töchter

Eine methodologische Untersuchung

  • Gudrun Latten (Autor/in)


Arno Rink‘s abstract figures conflict apparently with known forms and references of art history. The degree of abstraction causes an uncertainty about the identity of the significat. This essay analysis with the semiotical method various formal characteristics which destroy the illusion of an imagelike narration of the biblical history Lot und seine Töchter. The artworks of Rink are sorted into two different kinds of Open Artworks. The question is treated, which factors have to be considered if you want to verify, that the artworks do not at all or not only signify Lot und seine Töchter. Citations of different imagetraditions vest the subject in a traditional context. This context is connotated with illusion. Hence Rink criticises the legitimating function of tradition. I’m making the case that citations of different imagetraditions fulfil an important role in obscuring the significat.